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About Us

"Great things happen when men and mountains meet."

As we are not leaders "As every company claims" but we are the fastest gorwing company, with our vision to be the leaders not only in terms of business but also in terms of customer satisfaction as well. We are a group of freinds in administration (MARKETING, PROCURING, SUPERVISION, QUALITY CONTROL). and a very Loyal workers of the company, Our plant is working in 3 shifts from 24x7 (except national holidays and festivals) day and night, for achiveing the time bounded deliveries.

"Rama Arts & Exports" is centered on the very same ideology, with aspirations to achieve and passion to provide world-class products and services keeping the edge of innovation and punctuality along with. A company with high dynamism and international presence, Rama Arts & Exports essays itself with quality and reliability in its processes and procurement ethos. "Rama" processes its Rock Gem Stones at two state-of-the-arts mining & sorting the quality facilities where our magic with Gem Stones begins with raw material from own quarries as well as carefully identified independent ones. Our own quarries produce some of the most sought after colors like Amethyst, Rose Quartz, various Jasper, Aventurine Agates etc. Processing the finest raw material, using the best consumables from around the world, "Rama" ensures the production is only the best.

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